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Help Willy Walk Appeal

25 March 2017
Help Willy Walk Appeal

Willy is a stray cat that was rescued from a life on the streets by Cats Protection's Belfast Adoption Centre. Willy is only 8 months old but in his short life he has never known what it is like to walk without pain. Willy was born with a condition that causes his knees to rotate inwards that not only hinders him from walking normally but causes him considerable pain and discomfort with every step he takes. Willy is very reluctant to move as a result and when he does he moves very gingerly and crouched up.

Cats Protection want to give Willy the lease of life that he deserves by funding corrective surgery for Willy's legs to allow him to walk normally without any pain. Willy deserves to run, jump and play like any cat his age would.

Please donate to the Help Willy Walk JustGiving appeal and you will be contributing to Willy's life changing surgery and transforming his world for the better. Saving the life of one cat will not change the world; but it will change the world for that one cat.

Please use the following link to visit Willy's JustGiving page and donate whatever you can towards this very deserving little soul:

Help Willy Walk

Thank you for your support xx