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World Spay Day 2017

15 February 2017
World Spay Day 2017

Cats Protection’s Belfast Adoption Centre is marking World Spay Day 2017 on Tuesday 28 February by enabling eligible local cat owners to get their feline companions neutered for only £5.

The adoption centre will be giving a discount off the cost of neutering for cat owners across Northern Ireland who are in receipt of state benefits, on a low income, students or pensioners.

The campaign follows recent research that shows that 68% of litters of kittens in the UK are unplanned.

Cats Protection’s Belfast Adoption Centre Deputy Manager Andrew Doherty said: “Cats are prolific breeders, with one female capable of having up to 18 kittens a year. They can also start breeding at a very young age, so we recommend cats are neutered from four months of age”.

“Cats that are neutered lead happier, healthier lives and having your cat neutered is one of the most important ways to protect their welfare. A neutered cat is less likely to spray, less likely to roam and also less likely to fight. Neutering also helps guard against disease as fighting cats are more at risk of life-threatening diseases that can be transmitted through biting and saliva.”

Cats Protection’s Belfast Adoption Centre is part of the charity’s national network of over 250 volunteer-run branches and 32 centres which help around 500 cats a day – or 200,000 cats a year.

To find out about Cats Protection’s low cost neutering offer please use the following link:

£5 neutering campaign